Intuitive Health Coach


My story

During my GCSE’s my life drawing model did a reading for me and informed me I would marry have children and then begin campaigning for a new world (what on earth was a New World?)! In my early 20’s another told me I would become a Kinesiologist (WTF?) but mainly I would ignore her and just make money. I couldn’t imagine what either were talking about and followed a traditional trajectory of studying; high powered jobs; marriage; kids and becoming a Stay at home mother. A few attempts at getting a little alternative included a massage course and a dabble in healthy eating and a home birth – nothing particularly alternative or groundbreaking.

Then I had my third child, an Indigo child, and suddenly life got rather more complex. I was struck by a debilitating virus in pregnancy; Ecoli in the liver from my hospital; neural fatigue and no zest for life.  We moved to a haunted house with mould and suddenly I had zero energy; my childhood eczema was flaring up my arms and legs and I couldn’t cope. The simplest of tasks such as washing the children's hair was making me cry.  By this point I had met a Kinesiologist and suddenly I knew this was something I needed to do. After a few years of immersing myself in training in lots of different types of Kinesiology I was a practicing Kinesiologist and not really getting any clients. I realised that perhaps I was missing something....

My break came when working on a lady in a Kinesiology healing group. The fabulous co-ordinator suggested I help her with terrible jaw pain and told me not to worry about having all my books and just to trust my instinct. As I started working on the lady, I could suddenly feel everything my client was blocking. I was able to reassure her that she was in a safe place and that this was the time to let go of her fears and everything that was holding her back. It was now time to heal. It was an incredibly emotional experience as this gorgeous lady sobbed her heart out and yet no sooner had she started then she had finished.  She got up gave me an enormous hug and a thank you and went back to the group. 

When feedback time came, this lady admitted that she had been contemplating suicide and that single session had transformed everything for her, not only had her jaw pain completely gone but she had her desire to live back again!!!!

I suddenly realised it wasn’t just the lady who had been blocking things, I had been blocking my ability to do this all my life. I took my fears about what people might think of me and let them go and guess what - the clients came flooding in!!

I now realise my Psychology degree, studies in Massage, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Parenting & Energy work were simply gearing me up to use my intuitive talent. I can feel the energy in people and places. I can use my Medical Intuition to scan the body to locate areas of medical importance. I can Intuitively discover exactly what someone needs in order to heal. It's not just people - I can do the same for houses noticing areas of detremental energy or areas where the healing energy is high.This is an amazing gift for which I am truly thankful. 

In the past 8 months alone, I have radically changed my own physical and mental health

All of the following have gone:

Killing off the Epstein Barr Virus; E. coli in the liver; 9 parasites; Strep; Impetigo; German Measles; Cleared horrendous toe pain; Cleared a cyst on my shoulder that was the size of a tennis ball; Dramtically improved my eczema to a point where I can carry out normal life; Cleared my Orthorexia; Cleared the resulting Over Eating(!!); Cleared all my Intollerances to foods such as gluten, aubergines and also my complete lack of belief in another world. I have healed my liver and my dandruf, discovered viral damage which had inflammed by brain tissue and then cleared it and am well on the way to healing my eczema and my thyroid and am enjoying the journey.

I've also started enjoying all healthy foods (including those I previously reacted to). 

I have seen an increase in my own happiness, and this along with changes in the vibrations in my home has led us to achieve more as a family. My children have become more confident & outgoing & less anxious. This is simply due to the work I have done on myself and the house. Working on my children directly I have managed to remove fears and anxieties such as a fear of dogs and cleared intollerances to dairy and potato.

I now realise that my previous belief that being a Stay at Home Mother was all about ensuring everyone else was OK, did not serve anyone.  I did my family a great dis-service by placing their needs above mine. Once I placed my own needs above those around me, everything shifted. I began to get well, my family began to respect me more and help around the house more and suddenly we started to enjoy life once again. My children are so confident in their own intuitive powers now, that they often give me advice for a client knowing nothing about them or their circumstances. My family and I have your best interests at heart.

When are you going to put yourself first?